Month: August 2018

Medical Malpractice Claims In NevadaMedical Malpractice Claims In Nevada

Medical malpractice can be committed against you or a family member by any provider of health care and treatment including: anesthesiologist, hospital, clinic, psychiatrist, dentist, doctor, nurse or any other health care provider. In , the act of medical malpractice occurs when a  health care provider causes a patient to be injured because of the lack of skill and competence which is normally used to treat and care for a patient. The level of skill is known as the “standard of care.” A  medical malpractice complaint will allege that the actions of the health care provider fell below the required “standard of care” for that type of professional. This is another way of saying that the average professional (in that area of practice) would have known better and would not have committed the act which caused the injury.

A medical malpractice (Med-Mal) lawsuit usually requires an attorney to use several experts to prove that the health care professional did not meet the standard of care for that specific area of medical practice. A  medical malpractice claim is typically expensive to litigate because many experts are required to prove that the care of the patient was below the normal standard. Medical malpractice claims are subject to a statutory cap which limits certain types of damages available to patients. The high costs of using experts and the limit on certain damages may cause some  lawyers to take fewer medical malpractice cases as part of their personal injury law practice. An attorney may have an expert evaluate your case early in the process, so that both you and the attorney can learn whether a viable claim can be made against the negligent party.

If you or a member of your family sustained injuries because of the medical malpractice of a health care professional, you can get a free consultation an attorney of our law firm. We provide legal representation for residents throughout the area,